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"What in the World!”
Adventures ensue as Sara dreams big and builds a travel machine out of a cardboard box and a lot of imagination. She gets more than she bargains for in this dragon-filled adventure, including a trip to China and beyond.

What In The World! is an original show created by Images in Motion that uses a variety of hand and shadow puppet techniques. This whimsical show is suitable for children ages X and up.

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"Water Works"
Creative play abounds as a child and a duck splash through the seasons. Don’t miss the outdoor surprises of Spring, Summer’s underwater shadow show, Autumn’s leafy adventures and Winter’s fun in the snow.

This original story is brought to life using a variety of beautifully-crafted puppets, presented by the award-winning Sonoma based company, Images In Motion.

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“Big Bad Bruce” by Bill Peet
This classic story full of rollicking action and humor is about Bruce, a big bully of a bear. He never picks on anyone his own size until he is diminished in more ways than one by Roxie, a small but very independent witch.

This tale is brought to life with the beautiful crafted hand, rod and shadow puppets of Images In Motion. Great year around, but this story can also be staged as a fun Halloween or Christmas Holiday show.

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